We are 25!

2018 sees Forge embarking on its 25th year. 

'High time you got yourselves a new website’ .. I hear you say...

Well here it is...

Because over the last 25 years we have spent all our time focused on delivering an exemplary service to you, our clients, we haven't been particularly good at comms, PR and blowing our own trumpet.

I’m particularly pleased that our new website tells the story of the pro-bono community work that we have carried out over the last quarter century. This, of course, is entirely down to you. You probably didn’t know that the small profit we make from your job goes towards this work.

Well you do now.

So…the more work you give us, the more good causes we can support.

Here’s to the next 25 years!  Tim Wood - Forge's Founder & Principal. 

FORGE Invite 25

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